has had the honor of providing evangelical musicals to churches around the world. To date 3500 Churches in 103 countries and commonwealths have used the musicals to evangelize and spread the Gospel of Jesus.

We thank all those who contributed so generously to the ministry by translating plays for us. JESSE is available also in Spanish. BEST FRIENDS is also available in Spanish. ARISE is also available in Spanish and Korean. BLINDSIGHT is also available  in Tagalog.

Here are a few comments we have received from drama and music ministers around the world.

RE JESSE: this play can touch the life of the youth, those who are in drug and addictions.
Hanok / India
Thank you so much for offering the plays. And I promise that they will definitely be used to bring God glory, ministering to the kids that perform them and to the audiences we perform for.
Melissa / USA
Re BLINDSIGHT: This play is a miracle happening to us through you for granting us permission to use it.
Honaria / Solomon Islands
RE: JESSE: I feel God has put it in my heart to do this skit because of the way the world is today with all the lies, drugs, alcohol and violence. This message could be an inspiration to people watching this skit. God could touch them through this skit and I feel strongly about it.
Jennifer / USA
Re: BEST FRIENDS: BEST FRIENDS has so much good things to share and pertinent to things teens can understand. I have a teen drama home school class, and when I read this one, it seemed like such a good one.
Tisha / USA
RE: BLINDSIGHT: Thank you very much, I am so excited, we have an opportunity for using this in a young church and we are developing outreach to youth and possible gangs.
Dianna / USA
RE: JESSE: We are surrounded by gangs and drugs and want to reach out to those who are lost. Most people won’t listen to a minister but they will listen to the ministry of song and some will listen to the ministry of acting.
Paulette / USA
RE: ARISE: The tools you offer here are fantastic! I have been all over the internet looking for drama tools and your plays will definitely prove helpful. God bless you and thanks again.
Tony / Canada
RE: JESSE: This play can change the society and world.
Nisha / India
RE: BEST FRIENDS: Best Friends looks great! I was hoping to be able to print it out for my family to perform. We are very large (group) and do a play each year at Christmas.
Jessica / USA
RE: BEST FRIENDS: I am very happy to know that there is a web site that can help us to have a script and music as well. I am so lucky to find your web site.
Rosa / Indonesia